Multimodal Interaction for Information Appliances


Executive Summary

Project objectives

Industrial relevance

Project work plan

Scientific production

Project prototypes



Project Work Plan

The project will have an initial planning phase and a main phase. The initial phase will be short (1-2 month(s)) and mainly serve to create a common framework for the project and specify the contributions and expected results from each sub-project.

Milestones and deliverables will be decided on for each sub-project as part of the initial phase. As for the demonstrator sub-projects a design specification and first prototype will be developed for each of the demonstrators. On this basis and the progress of sub-projects a design specification for the project demonstrators will result. Scientific results will be reported on a continuous basis as they are generated.

Feasibility study phase (Year 1)

  • Development of the Nokia Dialogue system
  • Development of the Ida System Information extraction system;
  • State-of-the-art investigations
  • Specification of an integrated system which will form the basis for the remainder of the project.

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