Multimodal Interaction for Information Appliances


Executive Summary

Project objectives

Industrial relevance

Project work plan

Scientific production

Project prototypes



Industrial relevance and impact on society

Language technology, in various forms, is useful in a variety of situations. However, this is not substantially utilised within industry and society today. One of this projects' more important goals is to demonstrate the potential of language technology.

Benefits from using language technology can be of two main types: processing language documents for various purposes, such as text extraction, machine translation and content understanding, and allowing natural language as one modality in human-computer interaction. The project has competence within both sub-areas and will further investigate them and present demonstrators for both, as well as investigating how to integrate them.

This will be of benefit not only for the companies involved, but also for other companies and the public.

Knowledge & Technology Transfer

The project relies on co-operation between the university and leading industrial actors which ensures knowledge transfer. Ph.D. students employed at participating companies will promote further knowledge transfer. A number of Master’s students will be active in the project by working on their Master's theses in close co-operation between the companies and the university which serves as a natural way to exchange academic influence on industrial activities and vice versa.

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