Multimodal Interaction for Information Appliances


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In the future e-Home, information from various sources, located both globally and locally, are at hand when performing a wide range of tasks. Some of these are mundane everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning the dishes. But a large number of them are performed on a less regular basis, sometimes only once a year or even more rarely. Examples of these are e.g. re-planting the flowers, or treating them for diseases, fixing the car, changing tires or mending a puncture on the bike, gardening tasks, etc. In the not too distant future we will probably include maintenance of the LAN, and installing new appliances in the family's network. Another set of tasks relates to the management of information for the household and its members. Major types of these are finding out about the public authorities' rules and regulations, e.g. rules for tax-deduction, the local area development plan, building permits, etc.

In this project we will work on investigating and developing multimodal interaction systems of the kinds presented above. The long-term vision is to integrate such systems within a common e-home framework, but we believe that a fruitful research strategy will start from the specific examples, and work towards a common framework, instead of trying to develop such a framework in a top-down fashion

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