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TDTS10 Computer Architecture



Before you read the information on this web page and before you register for the labs, please spend some time to read the

rules (this is a link)

that we apply to conduct the laboratory work in this course. In addition to what you just read by following the above-mentioned link,

  • a lab group consists of 1 or 2 students (preferably 2!),
  • the members in a lab group must work together during the whole course, and
  • a lab group is not allowed to work on more than one computer during the scheduled lab sessions.

If you have any questions, or if you are not sure about the exact meaning of any of the rules, you must consult the course leader or the lab assistants before you start working with the labs.


This course comprises 3 lab assignments and 6 scheduled lab sessions (2 hours each). You are expected to read and prepare the material related to the lab before going to the supervised lab sessions. Please make sure that you attend the lab sessions, in order to receive as much assistance as possible. There are four lab groups: A, B, C, and D. You choose the lab group when you sign up in Webreg. Groups A and B are supervised by Mina Niknafs. Groups C and D are supervised by Yungang Pan.


The schedule for the labs are as follows:

Lab schedule for groups
A (by Mina) and C (by Yungang)
Date Time Location* Type
Nov. 8 13:15-15:00 S11(A), S14(C) Lesson
Nov. 11 15:15-17:00 SU04(A), SU02(C) Lab
Nov. 18 15:15-17:00 SU04(A), SU02(C) Lab
Nov. 24 08:15-10:00 SU15/16(A), SU13(C) Lab
Dec. 1 08:15-10:00 SU04(A), SU13(C) Lab
Dec. 5 10:15-12:00 SU04(A), SU02(C) Lab
Dec. 12 10:15-12:00 SU04(A), SU02(C) Lab
*SU04(A) means that the students of group A should go to room SU04.
Lab schedule for groups
B (by Mina) and D (by Yungang)
Date Time Location* Type
Nov. 8 13:15-15:00 S11(B), S14(D) Lesson
Nov. 10 10:15-12:00 SU24(B), SU00(D) Lab
Nov. 17 08:15-10:00 SU15/16(B), SU13(D) Lab
Nov. 22 13:15-15:00 SU04(B), SU02(D) Lab
Nov. 28 10:15-12:00 SU04(B), SU02(D) Lab
Dec. 9 15:15-17:00 SU04(B), SU02(D) Lab
Dec. 16 15:15-17:00 SU04(B), SU02(D) Lab
*SU04(B) means that the students of group B should go to room SU04.


There is one scheduled introductory lesson for each group (as you can see in the schedule above). The lesson gives an introduction to the labs and an opportunity for the students to further clarify issues regarding the labs. The lesson also includes a short tutorial on the simulation tool we use throughout the labs.

Lab registration

You must choose your lab partner and sign up for the labs. Students must sign up before they start working with the labs at the scheduled lab sessions. The deadline for lab registration is November 9th, 2022.


The examination of each of the three lab assignments are based on a demonstration to your lab assistant and a report in PDF or DOC format. Demonstrations are done during lab sessions. Once you have demonstrated a lab assignment to your lab assistant you need to hand in a lab report (via Teams) before the deadline outlined further down on this page. Upload the lab report to your subgroup team (under Files section) in Microsoft Teams. In the report, you should explain in detail what you have done and answer the questions with sufficient motivation. You should use figures when necessary. There are deadlines for handing in lab reports. You must demonstrate each lab assignment in one of the lab sessions prior to handing in the reports.

We use Webreg to give feedback and you will be notified by email. Each time you hand in a lab report (either for the first time or a revised version), your assistant will give you a grade (I or P) within 5 working days. Grade I means that your assistant requires you to address his/her comments before a passing grade can be obtained. In this case, you must hand in your revised version of the report and any previous versions. Grade P means that your report has been passed. You will receive a passing grade on the laboratory part of the course when all three reports have been assigned grade P.


The deadlines for handing in lab reports are listed as follows:

Webreg registration Nov. 9
Lab 1 Nov. 24
Lab 2 Dec. 7
Lab 3 Dec. 20

Lab material

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Last updated: 2022-10-27