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TDDI07 Distributed embedded software and networks (4 ECTS)

Ht2 2017

Computer systems are becoming a core part of almost every aspect of society. Hospitals, cities, buses, cars, banks, factories, houses, all are being monitored and controlled by computer systems. Most of these systems are embedded (built into another system) as well as networked. This course is about those systems. How to analyse, design and implement systems of small networked computers that monitor and control critical physical systems.

Latest News...

2017‑11‑21  Paper choice for seminar 2

The form to fill in the paper choice for seminar 2 is now availble from the seminar page. Deadline 2017-11-24.

2017‑10‑25  Course start

The web pages are now updated for 2017. Please note that the course will start with a preparatory lesson for the labs on November 2. The first lecture will take place on November 6 where the course structure and organisation will be presented.

2017‑10‑23  Web pages being updated for 2017

Welcome to the TDDI07 ht2 2017 course! The web pages are currently being updated.

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