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TDDI07 Distributed embedded software and networks



The course contains three seminars each with a particular topic (see course plan). The purpose of the seminars is to increase your ability to acquire new knowledge through scientific papers, to analyse and discuss complex technical solutions and to provide constructive feedback to your peers. Seminars are the main form of examination of the assignments (UPG1 in Ladok).


  1. Look at the reading list for the seminar found on the literature page. For each seminar there is one mandatory paper or book chapter to read and two which you choose based on interest.
  2. Out of these two papers chose one that you will summarise (the other one you will simply read).
  3. Sign up for assigmnents in webreg (see link and deadline below). Note that this is not the same as the lab sign up.
  4. Fill in the online form, indicating the paper you will summarise and the paper you will read, in addition to the mandatory overview paper. See deadlines and links below.
  5. Read the papers
  6. Write a 1-page summary of one of the papers. The summary should discuss the following points
    • What is the paper about?
    • What problem does it claim to solve?
    • Why is this an important problem?
    • What kind of solution/approach is discussed in the paper?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the paper in your opinion?
    Use common terminology (introduced in the lecture and overview paper) and explain any concepts that you refer to. It is highly recommended to include a figure in your summary that you have created yourself. Please note that you are not allowed to copy text from the original paper! See this page for more information.
  7. Come to the seminar. Bring 3 printed copies of your summary.
    • Be prepared to give a 5-10 min presentation of the paper that you have summarised. You do not need to prepare any slides, but be prepared to explain using the board.
    • Be prepared to give comments on other students summaries and presentations.
    • Be prepared to discuss the papers you have read.

Deadlines and links

  • Signing up for assigmnents must be done no later than:2019-11-08, link to webreg

The choice of papers must be made no later than:

  • Choice for seminar 1: 2019-11-12 The choice is made in LISAM
  • Choice for seminar 2: 2019-12-03 The choice is made in LISAM
  • Choice for seminar 3: 2019-12-17 The choice is made in LISAM


Up to 6 points can be received for each seminar as follows.

  • Written 1-page summary: 0-4 points depending on quality. Quality is determined based on how well the summary addresses the questions above, to what extent common terminology is used, and whether it is understandable for an external reader.
  • Relevant and constructive feedback provided to another student: 1 point
  • Active participation and willingness to present: 1 point

Note that these points are given in connection with attendance at the seminar. In case you are unable to attend the seminar different conditions apply, see non-attendance below.

Final grading

To pass this course module you have to pass all three assignments. The final grade will be calculated as follows.

  • Grade 3: passed all three assigments and received at least 10 points
  • Grade 4: passed all three assigments and received at least 13 points
  • Grade 5: passed all three assigments and received at least 16 points


If you are not able to attend the seminar (e.g., due to illnesss), please indicate so as soon as possible. You will be given an extra assigment (deadline to complete this is within one week of receiving it).

Page responsible: Mikael Asplund
Last updated: 2019-12-11