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Programming Project with Open Source Code


Course examination

Passing the course requires fulfilling a number of criteria as listed below. A passing grade requires students to score at least on the lowest level in all categories and achieve a minimal score of 22 points.

The overall grade is determined by your score in the categories for each criterion. Each criterion is weighted, and the sum translates to your final grade.

Grading criteria

The project rating is calculated based on a number of categories as described below. Each category (Technical difficulty,Process difficulty) has three levels ("Easy", "Medium", "Hard") that translate into points according to the table below. Each category is further described by a number of attributes, and at the start of the project, the project-related attributes are translated to a common assessment for all projects. When choosing the level for each category, the most fitting descriptions will be selected. The course staff will assess whether your estimates of difficulty or contributions are accurate.

The sum of points will translate into a grade as follows:

  • Grade 3: 22-36 points
  • Grade 4: 37-51 points
  • Grade 5: 52-66 points
Failure to meet the lowest criterion on any attribute, in any category, will result in failure to pass. You must at least fulfill the minimum requirements for each attribute.

Page responsible: Mikael Asplund
Last updated: 2021-03-29