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TDDE46 Software Quality


Teaching and working methods

Theory is given through lectures. Laboratory work on tools.

Students are organized into groups, each with responsibility for evaluating and improving quality and quality work with an ongoing student project in the lower years. The group will interact throughout the semester with students from lower years. In a number of seminars the groups share experience and make action plans. Theoretical knowledge is demonstrated by the students in the seminars. The mission can be likened to a consultancy work and ends with a report that participants in the lower year may have as a basis for their bachelor works. Each report contain a common part and an individual investigation.


LAB1    Computer lab assignments    U,G    2 credits
PRA1    Project    U,3,4,5    4 credits
Project work (4HP) requires coaching of students in TDDD96, participation in 80% of seminars and an approved report. Well-performed seminars and individual analyses can award a higher grade

Intended learning outcomes

After completing the course the student should be able to:
  1. Analyze the most common quality factors of software
  2. Design models of how quality factors in software can be measured
  3. Apply tools to improve product quality
  4. Apply a description language of processes
  5. Analyze processes in a programming project
  6. Apply methods and tools to improve processes
  7. Assess the product quality of a programming project
  8. Assess the process quality of a programming project
  9. Integrate quality evaluations in an ongoing programming project

Course content

  • Metrics for product, process and resources
  • The Goal-Question-Metric method
  • Tools for measurement, verification and fault detection
  • The Essence-standard for describing and working with software development practices
  • Quality assurance methods
  • Evaluation of an ongoing project
  • Choaching of members of an ongoing project
  • Write a quality report

Please, see LiU Study Guide.

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