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TDDE46 Software Quality (6 ECTS)

Vt1-Vt2 2021

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2021‑01‑12  Changes in the course due to COVID-19

Dear TDD46 Students,

I hope you are not yet turned insane by working/from or staying/at home. Below is a detailed plan for our lectures, labs, seminars, and your group's meeting with TDDD96 students. This information is also available on the course page. Please feel free to send me an email, if you need any additional help that can help you study smoothly in this course as we are in this all together.

[NOTE: You must sign-in using your LIU id (whatever@student.liu.se, whatever@liu.se) in lectures, labs, seminars and group meetings]


Lectures will be conducted online. A repetitive Zoom link is available in the lecture menu on the course page. The link on the course page contains all information about Zoom invitation such as meeting id, how to connect etc.


All labs will be conducted online. You will work on your local computer. If it is necessary to work with liu computers, you will be provided with further instructions. Each group will be assigned to a separate break-out room in Zoom for labs and demonstrations. We will be in the online room in Zoom for discussion and help. You can share your screen if needed to discuss. We have one recurring Zoom link for all labs (https://www.ida.liu.se/~TDDE46/lab/lab.en.shtml).

Registrations (two students in each group) for the exercises is done using webreg, which can be found HERE. Sign-up deadline is January 22. 2021.


Seminars will be conducted online. I have added a recuring Zoom link for the all seminars. We have configured seminars to accommodate breakout rooms so that each group can discuss things separately.

Groups Meeting with TDDD96 Students:

Groups meetings will be conducted online. I will, later, add Zoom links for the group meeting in the “Coaching Instructions” on course page (https://www.ida.liu.se/~TDDE46/coaching/TDDD96-TDDE46.pdf). We have configured these meetings to accommodate breakout rooms so that each group can discuss things separately.

I am assuming that above information is enough to run this course smoothly. Please stay in touch with the web course page for additional changes. The course is being updated today and tomorrow. If there are major changes, I will send a separate email to all participants.

I wish you best of luck and health. Stay at home!

regards Azeem and Kristian

Page responsible: Azeem Ahmad
Last updated: 2021-01-18