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TDDE45 Software Design and Construction (6 ECTS)

Ht1 2021

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2021‑08‑10  Course info HT1 2021

Since teaching at a distance is still recommended when possible, the seminars are given through Zoom. The first lecture will be given live via Zoom. The content of the subsequent lectures will be available as recordings from HT1 2020. Scheduled lectures (Fö) in the schedule will be conducted as a Q&A session (so you can ask about the contents of the lecture) and course information (what you are expected to perform this week). Labs will be conducted in physically at campus with possibility for students in Norrköping to get help via Discord and/or Zoom.

Make sure that you are registered to the course before the course start in order to get course information, passwords to Zoom, and links to lectures. If you cannot register to the course because you need to go through study counsellors, email the examiner to be manually added to the mailing lists.

Note: Lisam is not used in this course. Do not try looking for the course in there.

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Last updated: 2021-10-28