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TDDE45 Software Design and Construction (6 ECTS)

Ht1 2023

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2023‑08‑28  Lab tasks selection

Find the lab task selection below, also in Lisam:

Labs are in pairs; the same pair will be a part of the Seminar group of 6. You decide in your Seminar group which task each pair chooses for Lab 1 and then the sequence below is fixed.

Group that chose Task A in Lab 1 will continue with:
- A (Lab2, Missions and Resources), ALL (Lab 3), B (Lab 4, Embedded Languages), ALL (Lab 5), ALL (Lab 6)

Group that chose Task B in Lab 1 will continue with:
- B (Lab2, Model), ALL (Lab 3), A (Lab 4, Build Systems), ALL (Lab 5), ALL (Lab 6)

Group that chose Task C in Lab 1 will continue with:
- C (Lab2, Communication and Stuff), ALL (Lab3), C (Lab4, Vector Graphics), ALL (Lab 5), ALL (Lab6)

2023‑08‑26  Course info HT1 2023

The course webpages are in the process of being updated. This year the lectures will be on campus, seminars on Zoom and labs on campus. Check the course schedule from the menu on the left.

Make sure that you are registered to the course before the course start in order to get course information, links and passwords to Zoom, etc. If you cannot register to the course because you need to go through study counsellors, email the examiner to be manually added to the mailing lists.

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