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TDDE45 Software Design and Construction (6 ECTS)

Ht1 2020

Latest News...

2020‑12‑14  Computer exam are cancelled due to covid-19

Since we are not allowed to hold the regular computer exam in January, the deadline for the course will be extended (as was explained at the start of the course). This means you can get a grade of 3 by handing in your lab and reflection reports until February 1.

I offer oral examinations over Zoom (see email sent to the course mailing list for conditions).

2020‑08‑31  Welcome to the first lecture

The first lecture is conducted on Zoom (see the link in the schedule; there will be no password for this first session). This will be a double lecture 13-17 (was scheduled 13-15 initially, but that will not be enough time).

2020‑08‑06  Distance mode 2020

Since social distancing rules are still in effect, this course will be given in distance mode unless there are changes to the rules.

Make sure that you are registered to the course before the course start in order to get course information. Preliminary setup as below:

Lectures and seminars will be conducted over Zoom (the password will be sent via email).

Labs will be conducted over Discord for queuing supervision (with a link to your Zoom room) and general questions.

Note: Lisam is not used in this course. Do not try looking for the course in there.

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Last updated: 2020-12-08