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TDDD81 Database Technology

Computer Labs

To do the labs, follow the following four steps:

1. Register to the labs

Register in pairs no later than Feb. 4, 2019.

2. Set up the environment

Follow the instructions detailed here.

3. Do the lab assignments

The lab assignments are based on an existing database and, thus, it is important that you study the database first. The database and the assignments can be found here:

The labs are done in MySQL.

If you have any questions feel free to contact your lab assistant via e-mail.

4. Handing in the lab assignments

The answers to the lab assignments should be handed in via a repository in IDA's GitLab. For detailed instructions see the repository olaha93/database_technology. To log into GitLab you can use your LiU ID.

The dates for handing in your answers to the lab assignments are the following:

  • Lab assignment 1 (SQL queries and views): Feb. 11, 2019
  • Lab assignment 2 (Database design and ER modeling): Feb. 25, 2019
  • Lab assignment 3 (Normalization): Feb. 28, 2019
  • Lab assignment 4a (Design and project ER modeling, plus translation to relations): Mar. 4, 2019
    Note that this hand-in is required (with decent quality) for you to attend the mandatory teaching session 2.
  • Lab assignment 4b (Improved design and project ER modeling, plus translation to relations): Mar. 8, 2019
    Note that an approval of this hand-in is required for you to start implementing the project in the fifth lab session.
  • Lab assignment 4c (Implementation): Examination date (check it here)
  • Lab assignment 4d (Urkund): The final (approved) project code (queries and stored procedures) should be sent to Urkund to the address olaf.hartig.liu@analys.urkund.se . The code should be attached as a file coursecode_year_student1_student2.txt (e.g., TDDD81_2019_olaha37_jospe51.txt). This will be used to check for plagiarism.
  • Groups that did not finish some lab assignment by the corresponding deadline can hand it in later. Then, the assignment will be corrected in connection with the next examination retake. However, this applies only to the two retakes immediately after the course ended. After that, the whole lab series must be redone.

Page responsible: Olaf Hartig
Last updated: 2019-03-28