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TDDD81 Database Technology (6 ECTS)

VT 2021

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Jan. 11, 2021  Welcome to the course!

The course will start on Monday (18/1) and, given the current circumstances, we will do it as a distance-learning course. Nonetheless, unless specifically announced for particular sessions, we will stick to the original schedule. Hence, the first session is the introduction lecture on Monday at 8:15.

Having said that, I actually want you to do something else before that lecture. My overall plan for many of the lectures of the course is to use a flipped-classroom-like model in which you watch a video lecture before the actual lecture session and, then, we use the lecture session to do some quizzes related to the topic of the video lecture, go through some additional examples, and discuss questions and things that were unclear to you in these video lectures. Hence, with this approach you get the flexibility in terms of when you watch the videos; you can pause, repeat, fast-forward, etc, and the role of the lecture session will be to give you an opportunity to ask questions and to reinforce your learning of the major concepts.

While we are not going to use this flipped-classroom approach for all lecture sessions, I do want to start with it for the very first lecture already. Therefore, before the first lecture session on Monday, I want you to watch a 1-hour video lecture about the fundamental concepts of database systems and while you do so, take notes on things that are unclear to you. We can then discuss these things during the lecture, together with a few quizzes that I have prepared for you regarding the major points of the video lecture.

The main tool that we are going to use for all the sessions is Zoom. Therefore, another small task for you before the lecture session on Monday is to make sure that you can attend meetings in Zoom with your computer. For a description of how to get started with Zoom (including links to short Youtube videos), please refer to the following Web page: https://www.student.liu.se/itsupport/zoom-student?l=en

The Zoom meeting rooms that we will use for the lectures will be announced via email.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

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