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TDDD43 Advanced Data Models and Databases



Sign up for the lab exercises to a lab group in pairs. Deadline for signing up: 10/9. Deadlines for lab exercises are posted on the examination section.

The final deadlines are the same dates as the dates of the written exams, although it is recommended to hand in labs as early as possible during running of the course. If you received comments on the labs, hand in updated versions latest 2 weeks after exam date.


Please send an email with the subject "GROUP_NUMBER-LAB_TOPIC-your LiU-ID your partner's LiU-ID" including your report and relevant codes to your lab assistant.

For lab 1 to 4, please send your reports to Ying Li (ying.li@liu.se).

For lab 5, please send your reports to Huanyu Li (huanyu.li@liu.se).

Lab exercises

Lab 1: Ontologies and OWL

  • Time: 12/09

Lab 2: Ontology Alignment

  • Time: 04/10, 11/10

Lab 3: Semi-structured data

  • Time: 1/11, 3/11, 13/11

Lab 4: Querying Semi-structured data

  • Time: 14/11, 15/11, 17/11

Lab 5: NoSQL databases

  • Time: 28/11, 06/12
  • NOTE! This lab will be conducted on the Sigma cluster on NAISS-provided supercomputing resources at NSC. For it, you will need a special account. Information on how to obtain this is available here. Note that the teachers in the course may require access to a special directory in your account for grading your exercises. Note also that you need to apply for the account well in advance since there are manual steps for granting it.

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