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TDDD43 Advanced Data Models and Databases



Sign up for the lab exercises to a lab group in pairs. Deadline for signing up: 10/9. Deadlines for lab exercises are posted on the examination section.

The final deadlines are the same dates as the dates of the written exams, although it is recommended to hand in labs as early as possible during running of the course. If you received comments on the labs, hand in updated versions latest 2 weeks after exam date.


Please send an email with the subject "GROUP_NUMBER-LAB_TOPIC-your LiU-ID your partner's LiU-ID" including your report and relevant codes to your lab assistant.

For lab 1 to 4, if you are in Group G1 on webreg, please send your reports to Mina Abd Nikooie Pour (mina.abd.nikooie.pour@liu.se).

For lab 1 to 4, if you are in Group G2 on webreg, please send your reports to Ying Li (ying.li@liu.se).

For lab 5, both Group G1 and Group G2 please send your reports to Huanyu Li (huanyu.li@liu.se).

Remote Connection

The instructions of Lab exercises 1-4 are compiled based on the Windows environment. LiU provides RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connections to Windows computers so that you don't have to be present at the lab rooms. Please read the 'Rules of conduct' and 'System information' on this page carefully. You can check the computers' availability here. Each 'Ledig' (Free) box means an available computer that you can connect to. After you click a free box, a file with extension '.rdp' will be downloaded. By just clicking this file, the remote desktop program will be running and you can input your LiU ID and password.

In Lab 5, the first task can be finished either using Linux environment or Windows environment. To connect to the Linux system, you can use Thinlinc, and find the instruction here. The second task needs a connection to NSC resources. The instruction will be updated in the lab exercises document.

Virtual Lab Sessions

Zoom: There will be one Zoom meeting room for lab sessions. Within this virtual lab room every pair of lab partners will be assigned a separate breakout room that serves as a virtual space for the lab partners to work together. That is, within your breakout room, you and your lab partner can talk and share your screens with one another in order to work on your lab assignments collaboratively. To this end, one of you has to take the lead in terms of doing the actual typing of your programming (or connect to LiU Network); this partner shares her/his screen and, then, both of you can discuss what needs to be typed. You have to agree beforehand who takes the lead, and you should take turns for the different lab sessions.

You will receive zoom links for lab sessions from your lab assistants.

Important: to enable the lab assistant to assign you (and your lab partner) to the right breakout room, you need to change your name within the Zoom meeting. This should be done as follows. Directly after entering the Zoom meeting, click on the "Participant list" button in the Zoom application. Next, in the "Participants" window that opens, hover the mouse over your entry in the list (typically, you are shown at the top of this list) and several blue buttons should appear, including a button called "Rename" (it may be possible that you first have to click the "More" button that appears). After clicking the "Rename" button, enter a screen name using the following pattern: Webreg_group_number-First_name-Last_name.

If you have questions or problems during the lab session, you can ask for help. The way you do this is by using "Ask For Help" in your breakout room.

Lab exercises

Lab 1: Ontologies and OWL

  • Time: 14/09

Lab 2: Ontology Alignment

  • Time: 05/10, 13/10

Lab 3: Semi-structured data

  • Time: 10/11, 12/11, 15/11

Lab 4: Querying Semi-structured data

  • Time: 16/11, 17/11, 19/11

Lab 5: NoSQL databases

  • Time: 30/11, 07/12
  • NOTE! This lab will be conducted on the Sigma cluster on SNIC-provided supercomputing resources at NSC. For it, you will need a special account. Information on how to obtain this is available here. Note that the teachers in the course may require access to a special directory in your account for grading your exercises. Note also that you need to apply for the account well in advance since there are manual steps for granting it.

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