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TDDD43 Advanced Data Models and Databases

Course information

This course contains five themes, four of which each focus on specific advanced data models used in different application settings, and one on integration of data from different data sources. Each theme consists of one or more lectures, reading material and possibly one or more exercises. The lectures introduce the theme and give theoretical background. The lab exercises give hands-on experience with the theory and technologies that were discussed in the lectures. The labs are summarized by handing in code and a report discussing experience from the exercise. For more information about requirements and grading of lab exercises, see 'examination' and 'themes'.

Sign up for the lab excercises to a lab group via the menu on this home page. Deadline for signing up: 2023-09-10. Deadlines for lab exercises are posted on the examination section.

For the labs you need a database account. For registered students this will be created at course start. The database server can be accessed from the university campus area. If you want to work from home check the lab information under the themes menu. You will also need a special account at NSC for one of the labs (see info on the lab page).

The course concludes with a written exam. See 'examination' for more information.

To pass the course you need to pass all the labs and pass the exam.

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