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ETE337 Elements of AI, Part 2: Building AI

Course information

Welcome to Elements of AI, Part 2: Building AI at Linköping university

Elements of AI, Part 2: Building AI is a distance course that you can do in your own pace. The course material can be found at the website buildingai.elementsofai.com and is made up of text and tasks. Once you have completed the online material you need to take a validation test corroborating your acquired knowledge.

NOTE: ETE337 is a continuation of ETE318 Elements of AI. While it is not a formal prerequisite, we strongly encourage you to ensure that you have sufficient background knowledge in AI corresponding to ETE318 before enrolling in ETE337.

To be able to get the course validated (and get university credits) you need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Activate your LiU ID

As a new student, you need to activate your LiU ID at minit.liu.se/activation. A LiU ID is your username that you use for our digital services. Please follow the instructions on the page to activate your account. (You can change language by clicking the flag in the top right corner)

If you already have a LiU ID, you just need to register for the course in the Student Portal. If you have forgotten your password, go to minit.liu.se/activation and follow the instructions. If you have forgotten your LiU ID, if the account is locked, or if you encounter any problems, please contact infocenter@liu.se.

Step 2: Register

Once you are admitted, you also need to register for the course. This can be done at the earliest on the first day of the course. Note that, formally, once "instance" of the course is offered each semester. Hence, even though you can take the course whenever you want and in your own pace, you need to wait until the first day of the term (i.e., when the course instance that you are admitted to starts) to be able to register.

Course registration is done by logging in to LISAM using your LiU credentials. The registration link is available on the start page.

Step 3: Find your course room

LISAM is Linköping University's learning platform. Here you will find your e-mail, your course rooms and collaboration areas. In LISAM you can locate the Course Room for ETE337 where the validation tests are posted.

Step 4: Complete the course at buildingai.elementsofai.com

Create an account at buildingai.elementsofai.com, if you have not already done so. On the website there are 5 chapters with text and assignment, all of which are part of the course. Complete all the chapters and assignments.


Regarding the difficulty level: The assignments at the course web page come in three different levels of difficulty. To earn credits for the course at Linköping University you need to complete the course with Advanced honors. You will earn advanced honors by completing 19 of the 21 exercises, with at least 14 of these being at the advanced level. The exercises at advances level require some knowledge about programming in Python. If you lack such experience, please have a look at this page for useful tips.

Regarding the course certificate: When you have completed the online course you will get the opportunity to buy a certificate. This is not required for completing the course at Linköping University.

Permission to share data: In your profile on buildingai.elementsofai.com (Menu->My profile) you need to (1) select Sweden as your country, (2) check the consent box "I allow sharing my course completion data with Linköping University for the purpose of applying for ECTS credits.". (3) Use your LiU email as your email address.

If you have any questions or things you want to discuss during the course, please join the community and discussion forum at the Spectrum service, spectrum.chat/elementsofai/.

Step 5: Validate your knowledge by conducting the validation test

As a final test, you need to verify you acquired knowledge by taking a validation test. It should not take long if you know the course content! The validation test is available in the Course Room at LISAM, in the left panel under the button marked Quiz.

At any time during term, there is always (at least) one quiz open in LISAM, but you only get one attempt at each quiz.

The formal examination date corresponding to each quiz is the deadline of that particular quiz. Hence, you should view each quiz as a separate examination oppotunity. It is not possible to get an earlier examination date even if you complete all mandatory parts before the deadline.

The examination opportunities (i.e. quiz deadlines) correspond to the 15th of each month during term (September to June).

Step 6: Wait for your university credits

The deadline for each validation test is the formal examination date of the course, corresponding to this particular quiz (i.e. exam). We will evaluate the course completion for all students within two weeks after each such deadline and report the grades to LADOK. This means that you might have to wait for some time before your grades are reported, depending on when you take the quiz.
You will find your credits in the Student Portal, and you will not see them directly in LISAM. If you don't see the credits and you believe that there might be some issue, contact us in the course room and we will help you.

Page responsible: Fredrik Lindsten
Last updated: 2022-08-30