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ETE337 Elements of AI, Part 2: Building AI

Frequently Asked Questions

I have completed the online material and passed the validation test. When will my university credits be reported?

The deadline for each validation test is the formal examination date of the course, corresponding to this particular quiz (i.e. exam). We will evaluate the course completion for all students within two weeks after each such deadline and report the grades to LADOK. This means that you might have to wait for some time before your grades are reported, depending on when you take the quiz. You will find your credits in the Student Portal, and you will not see them directly in LISAM. If you don't see the credits and you believe that there might be some issue, contact us in the course room and we will help you.

I have completed both the online material on buildingai.elementsofai.com and the validation quiz, and I have waited two weeks after the quiz deadline, but my grades have still not been reported. Why?

The most common issues that lead to grades not being reported on the course are:
  1. The student has not passed the course with "advanced honors"
  2. The LiU email has not been specified as the email address for the profile on buildingai.elementsofai.com
  3. The student forgot to tick the "consent box" on the profile page on buildingai.elementsofai.com
See the course info page for further details.

Please verify that you have completed these steps and followed all the other instructions on the couse info page. Please note that if you update your profile (e.g. tick the consent box) on the Building AI page after the quiz deadline, there is a risk that your result will not be visible until after the next deadline (e.g., if your complete the quiz before January 15, then update your profile after January 15, your grade will be reported around February 16).

If you have followed all instructions and still believe that there is an issue, please send two screenshots to the course responsible teacher, one from the start page on Building AI (showing your completed assignments) and the other from your profile page (showing your email address and the consent box, "I allow sharing data...")

I didn't pass the validation test. Is it over for me now?

No, it isn't over! New validation tests are released regularly. So if you miss one test you can continue to study and take the next one that comes out.

What is the course's grading system? Can I get a better grade than just "passed"?

The only grades you can receive are either "pass" or "fail".

I have decided to drop out of the course. How can I unregister?

Please use the unregistration form available here (you need to scroll down a bit to find the form). If you encounter any issues, please contact kursanmalan.lith@liu.se.

I was unable to finish the course during one term. How can I re-register?

If you have registered for the course during one term, then there is no need to re-register even if you want to finish the course in a later term. You still use the same LISAM room to access the validation test and as soon as you have completed all mandatory steps (see the course info) you will get your grades reported. If, for some reason, you still want to re-register you can use the form available here (you need to scroll down a bit to find the form; see screenshot above). If you encounter any issues, please contact kursanmalan.lith@liu.se.

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Last updated: 2023-06-16