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ETE318 Elements of AI

Frequently Asked Questions

I have uploaded my certificate from elementsofai.se and passed the validation test. When will my university credits be reported?

The new results are reviewed and reported every Friday. So you should be able to see that you received credits in Ladok the week after you both passed the validation test and uploaded the certificate. If you can't see that your results were reported to Ladok then probably something is missing; contact us in that case.

I get prompted with "unathourized access" when I try to upload my certificate. How do I solve this?

Try to upload your certificate in a incognito-window or in a different web browser. Lisam has problems sometimes saving old information. If that doesn't help you've probably not registered to the course on Ladok. Double check that you're registered. If nothing of those helps send us an email.

I have been registered to an earlier term of ETE318 but has only completed the course recently in a new term. I can't upload my certificate. What should I do?

Apply to the current term of the course at antagning.se and register at Ladok. Then, try to upload the certificate again.

I didn't pass the validation test. Is it over for me now?

No, it isn't over! A new validation test is released at the beginning of every month. So you haven't passed one test you can study more and take the next one that comes out.

There is more than one validation test. Which of them should I take? Do I need to pass both?

You only need to pass one validation test. We release a new validation test every month, so sometimes there may be two tests in the transition between months. You don't need pass both.

I have uploaded my certificate but it isn't marked as reviewed. When will you review my certificate?

We don't mark certificates as reviewed, rather we download them and review them offline. We review your certificate once you have passed the validation test.

I am not sure if I did everything that is required to pass the course. How do I know if I have any steps left to receive the 2 university credits?

We go through the results of the validation tests and review them every Friday. If you have uploaded your certificate and passed the validation test some time before Friday, but not received credits in Ladok by the beginning of the following week then probably something is missing. In that case, send the course assistants an email and we'll have a look at it.

In which file format should I upload the certificate?

Upload it as a PNG. Right-click on the certificate you get from Elements of AI and choose "Save image as" and then click "PNG".

What is the course's grading system? Can I get a better grade than just "passed"?

The only grades you can receive are either "pass" or "fail".

Page responsible: Fredrik Heintz
Last updated: 2022-03-21