Martin Sjölin

[A ``old'' picture of myself]

What I'm up to

I interrupted my PhD studies in 1995 to go working for UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) in Zurich, Switzerland, with System Management of Solaris boxes using Tivoli TME. During 1997, I worked on the UBS retail banking release of NT 4.0 workstation, responisble for the core or base part of the release. For a half year, I prepared and brought the retail banking Microsoft NT Server release complementing the workstation release. Currently, I'm the group leader of the Software Manangement Tools team which is responisble for the development and support of tools delivering applications (distribution and install) to Microsoft NT4.

When I have some time over, i try to prepare a new release of LINCKS, but the time of the new release is undefined (summer 1998) which include the old gateway to WWW plus minor fixes. Of course, i'm trying to keep my small local network at home of Linux boxes up to date.

Web Site

I'm bringing up personal web site at, but it will take some time before it will be finished...

Curriculum vitae

Update to date CV in English and an old version in Swedish.



Lachenacker 16, CH-8049 Zurich, Switzerland
home phone: +41 1 341 13 71, GSM: +46 708 791 667 / 691 (fax)
home e-mail:
work e-mail:

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