1999 International Workshop on Description Logics - DL'99

Linköping, Sweden

July 30 - August 1, 1999

Systems Comparison

DL'99 will host a DL systems comparison session. Systems will be compared on a number of items.
We have the following aims: This year we also particularly encourage the presentation of systems that can deal with axioms.

The comparison this year will de-emphasize the running times of the systems, and, instead, concentrate more on the features of the systems. Entries should take the following rough format:

To make the comparison work we need to know before March 19 who is interested in submitting information. We can then jointly refine the comparison parameters. We am open to including more areas in the comparison.

The reason for de-emphasizing performance is that there have been a lot of recent performance comparisons that have included DL systems, not just the one at the last DL workshop. This is not to say that people with performance information on their DL systems cannot submit a paper to the workshop, or that we could not also have a performance comparison. In fact, if anyone has any suggestions on a good performance comparison, let us know and we could include it also.

The comparison this year is purposefully designed to not concentrate on one particular aspect of DL systems, and to thus let each system show off its best points.


Intention of participation: March 19, 1999
Deadline for the submission of the results: April 24, 1999
Summaries of the results available: May 29, 1999
Meeting at DL'99: July 30 - August 1, 1999

Responsible for Systems Comparison and Contact Person

Peter Patel-Schneider
Bell Labs Research,
Murray Hill, NJ, USA.