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Tillämpad IT och industriell programvaruteknik - Nätverk


Joachim Karlsson: A Systematic Approach for Prioritizing Software Requirements, 1998.
Jörgen Lindström: Does Distance matter? On geographical dispersion in organisations, 1999.
Carl-Johan Petri: Organizational Information Provision - Managing Mandatory and Discretionary Utilization of Information Technology, 2001.
Pär Carlshamre: A Usability Perspective on Requirements Engineering - From Methodology to Product Development, 2001.
Stefan Holmlid: Adapting users: Towards a theory of quality in use, 2002.
Magnus Morin: Multimedia Representations of Distributed Tactical Operations, 2002.
Lars Hult: Publika informationstjänster. En studie av den Internetbaserade encyklopedins bruksegenskaper, 2003.
Lars Taxén: A Framework for the Coordination of Complex Systems' Development, 2003.
Klas Gäre: Tre perspektiv på förväntningar och förändringar i samband med införande av informationssystem, 2003.
Johan Moe: Observing the Dynamic Behaviour of Large Distributed Systems to Improve Development and Testing, 2003.
Aseel Berglund: Augmenting the Remote Control: Studies in Complex Information Navigation for Digital TV, 2004.
Robert Eklund: Disfluency in Swedish human-human and human-machine travel booking dialogues, 2004.
Peter Bunus: Debugging Techniques for Equation- Based Languages. 2004.
Anders Lindström: English and other Foreign Linguistic Elements in Spoken Swedish: Studies of Productive Processes and their Modelling using Finite-State Tools. 2004.
Malin Nordström: Styrbar systemförvaltning. 2005.
David Dinka: Role, Identity and Work: Extending the design and development agenda, 2006.
Iakov Nakhimovski: Contributions to the Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems with Detailed Contact Analysis, 2006.
Peter Aronsson: Automatic Parallelization of Equation-Based Simulation Programs. 2006.
Åsa Hedenskog: "Perceive those things which cannot be seen" - A cognitive systems engineering perspective on requirements management, 2006.
Andreas Borg: Processes and Models for Capacity Requirements in Telecommunication Systems, 2009.


Carl-Johan Westin: Informationsförsörjning: en fråga om ansvar - aktiviteter och uppdrag i fem stora svenska organisationers operativa  informationsförsörjning, 1998
Anders Ferntoft: Elektronisk affärskommunikation - kontaktkostnader och kontaktprocesser mellan kunder och leverantörer på producentmarknader, 1999.
Klas Gäre: Verksamhetsförändringar i samband med IS-införande, 1999.
Lars Hult: Publika Gränsytor - ett designexempel, 2000.
Johan Moe: Execution Tracing of Large Distributed Systems, 2001.
Per-Arne Segerkvist: Webbaserade imaginära organisationers samverkansformer, 2001.
Peter Aronsson: Automatic Parallelization of Simulation Code from Equation Based Simulation Languages, 2002.
Peter Bunus: Debugging and Structural Analysis of Declarative Equation-Based Languages, 2002.
Iakov Nakhimovski: Modeling and Simulation of Contacting Flexible Bodies in Multibody Systems, 2002.
Alexander Siemers: Visualization of Dynamic Multibody Simulation with Special Reference to Contacts. 2003.
Arja Vainio-Larsson: Designing for Use in a Future Context  Five Case Studies in Retrospect, 2003.
Åsa Hedenskog: Increasing the Automation of Radio Network Control, nov 2003.
Marcus Comstedt: Towards Fine-Grained Binary Composition through Link-Time Weaving, 2003.
Carl Cederberg: Experiments in Indirect Fault Injection with Open-Source and Industrial Software, 2003.
Sonia Sangari: Computational Models of Some Communicative Head Movements. June 2004.
Hans Nässla: Putting the Family Online: Intra-Family Information Flow and Consequences for Communication Services. 2004.
Andreas Borg: Contributions to Management and Validation of Non-Functional Requirements, 2004.
David Dinka:
Role and Identity -  Experience of technology in professional settings, 2005.
Misook Park-Westman:
Managing Competence Development Programs in a Cross-Cultural Organisation - What are the Barriers and Enablers? 2006

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