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Information Extraction and Text Mining

FDA087, 2005VT

Status Cancelled
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division HCS
Owner Annika Silvervarg

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Course plan


24 h seminars

Recommended for

Graduate and doctoral students

The course was last given

HT 2001


To provide an overview of the field of Language Engineering and techniques that can be used to retrieve and process information stored in natural language sources.


Graduate student, with some knowledge of linguistics.


Guided discussions based on reading of prepared material. Case studies and examples will be used to illustrate the practical application of the main concepts and methods.


IE can be seen as taking one step further compared to Information Retrieval (IR) in that not only the relevant documents should be found, but the process moves on to first single out passages, or extracts from documents, which contain the desired pieces of information, and second, turns them into structured information that is more readily digested and analyzed. IE requires a number of separate Language Engineering techniques that are used together; i.e., POS-tagging, functional and sense disambiguation, pronoun resolution, etc. The course also covers Ontologies, Summarisation and Question Answering systems.


Selected journal and conference articles.


Annika Flycht-Eriksson


Lars Ahrenberg


Active participation (incl. presentation of articles) and written paper. Furthermore, one-page summary of each seminar should be handed in as a post-seminar assignment.


4 credits


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