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Much of the transport-related research in COIN is carried out in collaboration with:

  • VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute
  • RISE SICS East, which is part of the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

This includes:

  • Christian Jernberg's PhD research on human operators' remote driving of partically automated vehicles at VTI
  • Kajsa Emanuelsson's PhD research on emergency vehicles at VTI
  • Oscar Bjurling's PhD research at RISE SICS East on human interaction with complex systems-of-systems, such as drone swarms or groups of vehicles
  • a project on train driveability analysis in collaboration with VTI (for which Erik Prytz is the COIN contact person)
  • an upcoming postdoc project (starting in late 2021) on human interaction with autonomous minibuses, in collaboration with VTI

  • For more information please contact Tom Ziemke.

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    Last updated: 2021-09-24