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Human Factors

The human factors research within COIN aims to 1) produce knowledge about how humans and systems perform in complex environments, and 2) to apply this knowledge to enhance the safety, performance, and usability of new and existing sociotechnical systems.

Currently, the human factors research is primarily focused at the domains of military command & control and healthcare, but also includes other domains such as nuclear power, traffic, and aviation. The research topics and interests of the human factors research group span a wide range from teamwork, C2, stress, and communication to patient safety, resilience, workload, simulation, and usability evaluation. Likewise, a wide array of methodologies and analytical strategies are employed to achieve the scientific objectives, from qualitative research approaches such as observations and interviews to quantitative questionnaires and task performance metrics, and field studies are used as well as controlled experiments and simulations.

Much of our human factors research is carried out in collaboration with:

  • KMC, the Center for Disaster Medicine and Traumatology
  • VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute
  • FOI, the Swedish Defense Research Agency

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Last updated: 2021-09-23