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This project has completed.

Principal investigator: Professor Nahid Shahmehri
Members: Dr. Lena Strömbäck
Eduard Turcan (former member)
Partners: Philips UK
Philips NL
U. Lubljana
Funding agency: EU
Related projects:
Keywords: security, multicast, risk analysis, peer-to-peer, media


The main objective of ShareIT was to develop an end-to-end system that enables easy access to, and transfer of, personal content between local storage devices using home-to-home networks. An important goal was to contribute to, and promote adherence to standards such as TV Anytime and DVB, in order to enable interoperability between different content and service providers.

Publishing user content to a limited audience in the ShareIT system is accomplished either by directly granting access rights to another user, or by establishing a home-to-home connection to enable the transfer of the content, or my transferring access management of multiple homes to another trusted party. In this way a "virtual" network of trusted homes is established to allow the sharing of content.

The concept of a virtual network of homes can be extended to a network of users forming a community of interest. In all cases, special attention has to be paid to the privacy and security of users' data and content, and the protection of the copyright of downloaded materials.

ADITs main contribution to ShareIT, in addition to its work on the system implementation, was a comprehensive risk analysis for the entire system.


  • Turcan, E., Strömbäck, L., Morris J. (2003) Share it! by bringing P2P into the TV-domain. In Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing . Linköping, Sweden.

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