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An Open, Decentralized and Distributed System for Spam Protection

Principal investigator: Professor Nahid Shahmehri
Members: Professor Nahid Shahmehri
Funding agency: .SE
Related projects: onTrust - Integrated trust in middleware for peer-to-peer-based network applications
Keywords: e-mail


The purpose of this project is to develop a spam protection system that is distributed, open source, and lacks centralized control. Our hypothesis is that it is possible to exploit data from multiple network nodes to detect spam and spam sources faster and more accurately than can be done on a single node. There are commercial systems that operate this way, but they are closed and have a central point of failure (perhaps not from a technical perspective, but certainly from a business perspective). By exploiting recent advances in trust management, including our own results, it should be possible to create a completely decentralized system.


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Last updated: 2009-08-24