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EnCase Evaluation

Principal investigator: Professor Nahid Shahmehri
Members: David Byers
Funding agency: Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science
Related projects:
Keywords: digital forensics


Disk imaging tools, tools that create copies of hard drives or other storage media, are the foundation of forensic examination of digital evidence. It is critical that the tools create copies that are complete and accurate, and that they do not alter the source evidence. EnCase 6.8 and LinEn 6.1 are two tools from Guidance Software that are used by Swedish law enforcement to create forensically sound copies of evidence. On behalf of the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science we have evaluated the disk imaging functionality of both tools in a thorough and systematic way.


  • D. Byers and N. Shahmehri. Contagious Errors: Understanding and avoiding issues with imaging drives containing faulty sectors. Digital Investigation 1-2(5):29-33. Elsevier, 2008.

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Last updated: 2009-08-24