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Secure e-service software delivery

This project has completed.

Principal investigator: Professor Nahid Shahmehri
Members: Lin Han (former member)
Dr. Claudiu Duma (former member)
Funding agency:
Related projects: Group Key Management
Digital Rights Management
Secure execution of e-services
Keywords: security, software delivery, key management, pki, multicast


E-service delivery is the starting point in e-service software management. It is the functional foundation for performing further software management tasks, e.g. installation, configuration, activation, and so on. This project focused on how to deliver e-service software to a large number of geographically distributed end users. Emphasis was placed on issues of efficiency, scalability, and security.

In this project, we designed an agent-based architectural model for e-service software delivery, aiming at automating involved tasks, such as registration, key management, and recipient status report collection. This model was implemented in a prototype system that provided a secure and scalable solution to distributing software over publicly accessible networks.


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