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Trusted Mobile Platforms

Principal investigator: Ben Smeets (Chalmers)
Members: Professor Nahid Shahmehri
Professor Ulf Nilsson (TCSLAB)
Partners: Chalmers
Ericsson Research
Funding agency: VINNOVA
Related projects: SHIELDS: Detecting known security vulnerabilities from within design and development tools
Methods and Tools for Secure Software
Keywords: security, secure software


Technical solutions and devices that will operate in the internet will use rather standardized hardware, and a dominant portion of their cost will be related to software development and software licenses. Attacks on standard hardware is rather easy. Therefore companies must improve the protection of their software investments against unauthorized use or reverse engineering of their products. One important ingredient in the effort to achieve security is the need for trusted platforms.


  • Project Poster
  • N. Shahmehri, et. al. Tools and metrics for assessing trusted mobile platforms: an evaluation of needs, Linköping University, 2008.
  • P. Emanuelsson and U. Nilsson. A Comparative Study of Industrial Static Analysis Tools. Electronic notes in theoretical computer science Vol 217(2008):5-21 2008.

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