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Aligning top-level and domain ontologies

Level: 30hp (Advanced level, Master's thesis)
Number of students: 1
Area: Computer Science

Nowadays, ontologies are widely used in some domains. Ontology matching is needed when some ontologies represent the same concepts or relationships with different terminologies or different levels of abstractions. However, most ontology matching efforts are dedicated to domain ontologies, which does not take top-level ontologies into account. In a best-case scenario, from the perspective of an ontology engineer, one can expect top-level ontologies to help in the construction and integration domain ontologies. Therefore, to match top-level ontologies with domain ontologies is a meaningful task, but it also is a challenging task. This thesis project aims to use ontology matching tools (e.g., SAMBO, AML, Logmap) to match top-level ontologies and domain ontologies and design a method that can provide high-quality alignments between domain ontologies (e.g., MDO) and top-level ontologies (e.g., EMMO).

It is an advantage to have knowledge about ontologies (e.g. from TDDD43).

Contact: Huanyu Li, Patrick Lambrix.

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Last updated: 2018-10-29