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TDTS10 Computer Architecture


There are two examination items:
  • TEN1: Written exam
  • LAB1: Laboratory assignments (see the lab pages for more information on this part)

Written exam

  • Questions will be in English. You may answer in Swedish or English.
  • The only admitted material to the exam is a language dictionary between English and your native language. Note that electronic dictionaries are not allowed.
  • Most likely a mixture of problem oriented questions and subjective questions.
  • Problem solving questions will be similar to those discussed/mentioned during the lectures (see Lecture Notes on the left). You may also find similar questions in textbook.
  • Examples of subjective questions are (i)What does the control unit do? (ii) What is RISC? CISC? (iii) Why are fix-length instructions good ? (iv) What is principle of locality?
  • The following are in the course syllabus and the reading instructions, but they will NOT be covered in final exam: Multiplication and Division (Textbook: 3.4,3.5), Disk and flash storage (Textbook: 6.3, 6.4), Advanced topics (Textbook: 7.1 to 7.7)
  • Questions from past years are given below. You may look at them for questions that are familiar to you but note that they were based on a different textbook and a slightly different course material.

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