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TDDD75 Effects-Driven Development and Human-Centred Design of Interactive Systems

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4/2  Presentation

I have received questions about how to prepare the presentation and how to hand in material. I would like you to prepare a presentation in Powerpoint, PDF or Keynote where you visualize the results of the methods you have used that in the end lead up to the design brief and the design criteria. I would also like you to send me a copy of it or a link to it if the file is too large to mail.

There is no requirement that all people in the group should speak at the presentation or something like that.

27/1  Supervision sessions

Next week we have the first supervision session. We have two lecture rooms booked for these sessions. My plan for them is that you go there at just keep working in your groups and I will walk around and give feedback and answer questions depending on where you are in you sessions. When I come up to your group you tell me what you are working on and what the tricky parts currently are. The supervision sessions are hence a resource for the group work.

26/1  Project groups and seminars

The seminar groups and the project groups are now up on the web site. Please check that your names are correct and that I have not missed anyone.

One person in every group is assigned as a contact person. That means that the examiner will email that person to get in touch with the group. You can change contact person.

Furthermore, let examiner know if you are a Swedish speaking student that would like to change to the English speaking seminar. That would make the Swedish speaking seminar groups smaller.

19/1  Changes in the time table

Since there were som many participants we have had to change lecture halls. Check TimeEdit. The lecture tomorrow, Wednesday 21/1, will be in S26 in the C-building.

13/12  Website is updated

The course info on this site is now updated for 2016. Minor changes may be made before the course starts.

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