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TDDD75 Effects-Driven Development and Human-Centred Design of Interactive Systems


Timetable is available through TimeEdit.


Step 1 Group: Friday February 7, 2014, at the seminar.
Step 1 Individual: Friday February 14, before midnight.

Step 2 Group: Friday February 21, 2014, at the seminar.
Step 2 Individual: Friday February 28, 2014 before midnight.

Step 3 Group: Friday March 14, 2014, at the seminar.
Step 3 Individual: Friday March 21, 2014, before midnight.

Supplementary Examination Deadline (swe. 'komplettering'): Supplementary examination and supplementary tasks for missed presentations may be submitted to the urkund-address on June 12, 2014, before midnight.

Round-Up Deadline: Next time that additions, supplemantary exam and tasks may be submitted to the urkund-address on August 29, 2014, before midnight. If you miss the round-up deadline you will have to make next year's assignments instead.

No assignements are assessed and graded between these deadlines. You can try for a higher grade at the supplementary deadline or round-up deadline. You need to contect the examiner in advance if you whish to try for higher grade.


Slides are uploaded below during the course:

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