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TDDD38 Advanced Programming in C++


The only examination is a computer exam, DAT1. It concists of both teoretical questions and programming problems. The exam time is 5 hours.

General information about computer exams

General information and instructions concerning computer exams at IDA and the computer exam system at IDA are available here.

Specific instructions for this course

The number of places at the exam is limited! Our experience is that noticeable more persons register for exams than actually turns up to the exams.

Please, sign up for an exam only if you really have the intention to participate.
If you have registered, but for any reason decide to not participate, please, withdraw your registration as soon as possible.

You should have good training using the GNU/GCC compiler g++.

On the examination day

The gathering point is normally nearby room SU17/18, building B, entrance 27, plan 3 (second floor). The inviligators will guide you further.

Be in good time - bring your identity card!

Assistance during exam

The teachers on duty will normally visit the locations 2-3 times during the exam.

Ending exam

End the exam by first cleaning up in your account and then log out.

Only files with answers to theoretical questions, source code files for programming problems, requested data files, given data files, etc., should be left.
Executables, object code files (*.o), text editor back-up copies, etc., should be removed.

Means of assistance

•  You may bring an An English-* vocabulary. No other literature or other kind of means of assistance of your own may be brought.

•  The cplusplus.com Reference will be possible to view in a terminal window using the Elinks www text browser. Quick Reference for Elinks will be available during exam. To test Elinks before exam, give the following commands in a terminal:

   module add office/elinks

•  System "man pages" are available on IDA's Sun system, and can be read using the man command in a terminal window, e.g. man vector or man basic_string (which one is directed to if trying string). You should get acquainted with the man command and man pages before exam.

•  Login instructions and some practical hints will be available during exam. Note, may be modified after August 2014.


Besides requirements stated in the assignments, the following applies:

Compiling code is a basic requirement for achieving points.

If minor parts of a program is commented out, due to compilation errors, but the remaining the program compiles and runs, commented out code may render some point if the code is basically sound.


Read the exam questions carefully and reflect on what is said. Problems concerning, e.g., classes may be formulated to check specifik knowledge concerning class construct and design, and in such case it is crucial that the solution fulfills the specification (even if it may conflict with some general guideline).

You should be familiar with IDA's Sun/Solaris computer system and basic use of the g++ (GNU GCC C++ compiler). See C++ compilers at IDA. Note, this is to be changed after August 2014.

Examination occations

The course hav efour exam occations per year. The exams in examination period Ht1 (December) and Vt2 (May/June) are the ordinary exams for the autumn and spring course, respectively. The exams in exam periods August and Easter are reexamination occations.

Current examiniation occations and registration periods.

Examples of previous exams

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