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Computer examination


Register to computer exams the ordinary way, i.e. in "the student portal", StudentportalenThis is mandatory! — It is not possible to turn up to the exam unregistered, since special exam accounts must be created on beforehand and personal passwords generated. If you should forget to register in time, please contact the examiner as soon as possible!

You will receive a message from the Studentportalen about where the exam is to take place. In this message the location for the exam is said to be "IDA". This means that exam will take place in room SU00-SU18 in building B. For exams with fewer attendants the exam normally takes place on "plan 3" (second floor) with gathering point outside SU17/18.

Exam location

IDA computer exams take place in room SU00-SU18 in building B. Exams with fewer attendants normally take place on plan 3 (second floor), room SU10-SU18, often filling the rooms beginning with SU17/18.

Exam environment

Computer exams are given on IDA's SunRay system (Solaris/CDE) using a special computer exam environment, which is restricted in several ways.

You should have good experience with the utilities and systems used in the course in question, e.g. a text editor as Emacs and the program development environment used, e.g. the GNU GCC environment for Ada (gnat) and C++ (g++), and also basic knowledge about file handling in the Solaris environment.

On the exam day

Attendants should turn up, in good time before the exam starts, on plan 3 (second floor) in building B, in the surroundings of room SU17/18, if no other announcement for the course in question. The exam invigilators will guide you to a room — There you can choose yourself which workstation you want to use.

Be in good time! Access to the premises is normaly given 15-30 minutes before the exam actually starts, so you will have time to find a place, notice any problems with the workstation, and have time to login before the exam starts. Don't forget your identity card!

Logging in to the exam system

You will receive two passwords:

One password is common for all, and to be used together with the user name exam to login to the exam system via the usual login interface for the SunRay system. This password will be written on the white-boards in the rooms.

The second password is your personal password that will give you access to your personal exam account. This password will be given to you by the an exam inviligator when you are seated at the workstation, after you have reached the point in the login process where the system asks for your personal code (personnummer) and after you have identified yourself to the inviligator. More about this below.

Logging in, step by step:

  1. First, logon to the SunRay system with user name exam and the common password of the day. You will then reach the computer exam system, which will query you further.

  2. The first screen of ther exam system will ask for your personal code (personnummer). Check carefully that you have typed it correctly before you go further, by clicking the button for continuing.

  3. The second screen is fore choosing which exam you are to take (often there is only one to choose). Choose exam and click the button for continuing.

  4. The third screen display information about yourself and the exam. At this step you are to identify yourself to an inviligator, who will check your identity and give you your personal password. Type your personal password and click the button for continuing.

  5. If the exam has not yet started, the exam system may halt at this point — this is then written in the screen — just wait ...

Do not log out if problems arise — notify the teacher on duty!

Do not log out until you definitively leave the exam!

Leaving the exam

If the correction is to be done after the exam it is, of course, important that the files containing your answers/programs and any other files that may have been available on beforehand are left in the examination account.

In some courses the grading/examination is done during the exam. In such case solutions have been turned in for correction, and have by that have been saved in another place.

Log out before you leave!

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Last updated: 2012-10-01