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TDDD38 Advanced Programming in C++ (6 ECTS)

Spring 2014

This is an advanced course on the programming language C++. The course is given twice a year, autumn and spring, and runs the whole semester. The course can be taken by anyone fulfilling the prerequisites (se the course plan). Examination is a computer exam, given in exam period Ht2 (December) for the autumn course and in exam period Vt2 (May/June) for the spring course. Re-examination occations are in the Easter exam period and the August exam period.

Please note, late registration is handled by IDA's "studerandeexpedition" ("student office") Building E, plan 3, room G:489 (map), and it is the Director of studies who is to sign the registration form, see the course contact page.

Latest News...

Aug 20  Exam August 20: Solutions and comments, see the course examination page,, or this direct link.

The result will be registered in LADOK September 5, earlier if possible.

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