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TDDD17 Information Security, Second Course

Lectures, Timetable

An updated time table for the lectures will be posted here together with the lecture material.

Please note that the schedule has several reserve time slots when there will not be any teaching, unless we need to make last-minute changes to the scehdule due to unforseen events.

Week 3
  Tue 19/1 8-10  U11 Introduction to course
How to prepare for exam
How to answer in-depth questions
Network Security I
Marcus Bendtsen,
Ulf Kargén

Johannes Schmidt
  Fri 22/1 10-12  U11 Network Security II: Wireless, Other concerns Johannes Schmidt
Week 4
  Mon 25/1 13-15  U11 Network Security III (Slides updated 25/1):
Securing Comminucation, Intrusion detection, Epilogue
Johannes Schmidt
  Tue 26/1 8-10  U11 Advanced User Authentication I Amund Gudmundson Hunstad
  Fri 29/1 10-12  U11 Advanced User Authentication II Amund Gudmundson Hunstad
Week 5
  Tue 2/2 8-10  U11 Advanced User Authentication III Amund Gudmundson Hunstad
  Fri 5/2 10-12  U11 System Security I: Introduction Ulf Kargén
Week 6
  Mon 8/2 13-15  U11 System Security II: Trusted Computing Ben Smeets
  Fri 12/2 10-12  U11 Reserve time. No teaching.  
Week 7
  Mon 15/2 13-15  U11 Reserve time. No teaching.  
Week 8
* Mon 22/2 13-17  U11 System Security III: Security and Security Controls in Operating Systems Note: Last year's slides Robert Malmgren
  Fri 26/2 10-12  U11 Risk Analysis and Management Marcus Bendtsen
Week 9
  Mon 29/2 13-15  U11 Business Continuity Planning and Behavioural models Marcus Bendtsen
Week 10
  Mon 7/3 13-15  U14 Disaster Recovery Planning and
Physical Security
Marcus Bendtsen

* Includes muddy cards evaluation.


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