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TDDD17 Information Security, Second Course

Lectures, Timetable

An updated time table for the lectures will be posted here together with the lecture material.

Week 4
  Mon 20/1 13-15  U10 Introduction to course
How to prepare for exam
How to answer in-depth questions
Nahid Shahmehri,
Marcus Bendtsen
  Tue 21/1 8-10  U11 Network Security I: Introduction Marcus Bendtsen
  Fri 24/1 10-12  U7 Network security II: Wireless security and
Securing communications (Updated 24/1)
Marcus Bendtsen
Week 5
  Mon 27/1 13-15  U14 Network security III:
ICMP, TCP, DNS, Scanning,
Intrusion detection and
Marcus Bendtsen
  Fri 31/1 10-12  U15 Advanced User Authentication I
Amund Gudmundson Hunstad
Week 6
  Mon 3/2 13-15  R43 Advanced User Authentication II
Amund Gudmundson Hunstad
  Fri 7/2 10-12  U15 Advanced User Authentication III
Amund Gudmundson Hunstad
Week 7
  Mon 10/2 15-17  R43 System security I: Trusted computing (Updated 11/2) Ben Smeets
  Fri 14/2 10-12  U15 Reserve time. No teaching.  
Week 8
* Mon 17/2 13-17  R43
System security II and III:
Security and security controls in operating systems
Robert Malmgren
  Fri 21/2 10-12  U10 Reserve time. No teaching.  
Week 9
  Mon 24/2 13-17  U11 Reserve time. No teaching.  
  Fri 28/2 10-12  U7 Risk analysis and management Robert Raschperger
Week 10
Mon 3/3 13-15  P44 Business continuity planning Marcus Bendtsen
  Fri 7/3 10-12  U14 Disaster Recovery Planning and Physical Security Marcus Bendtsen

* Includes muddy cards evaluation.


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