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TDDD17 Information Security, Second Course


Examiner and course leader

Nahid Shahmehri, e-mail nahid.shahmehri@liu.se

Course assistant

Ulf Kargén, e-mail ulf.kargen@liu.se

Course secretary

Madeleine Häger Dahlqvist, e-mail madeleine.hager.dahlqvist@liu.se

Other teachers

Marcus Bendtsen, e-mail marcus.bendtsen@liu.se
Johannes Schmidt, e-mail johannes.schmidt@liu.se

Project supervisors

Jan-Åke Larsson, e-mail jan-ake.larsson@liu.se
Anna Vapen, e-mail anna.vapen@liu.se
Jonathan Jogenfors, e-mail jonathan.jogenfors@liu.se
Niklas Carlsson, e-mail niklas.carlsson@liu.se
Rahul Hiran, e-mail rahul.hiran@liu.se

Director of studies

Patrick Lambrix

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Last updated: 2016-01-07