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TDDD08 Logic Programming


Subject to modifications and alignments.
The linked slides may be corrected/updated without notice. (Cf. the version number and the automatically generated compilation date.)
#1 Practical matters, objectives, summary of basic logic
Handouts [introduction], [first order logic].
#2 Definite logic programs, declarative semantics
Unification. Operational semantics
#3 #4 Unification. Operational semantics. Introduction to Prolog. Example programs.
Handouts: [addition] on SLD-resolution, [Prolog].
Example [programs] (also from other lectures).
#5 More on declarative semantics
Handouts: [Herbrand interpretations]
#6 #7 Program correctness. Declarative debugging.
Handouts: [program correctness & completeness], [declarative diagnosis],
Also, Section 3 of this [article].
#8 Difference lists. Definite Clause Grammars (DCGs) (Ch 10). Introduction to negation in LP.
Handouts: [difference lists], [DCGs], [negation - introduction].
#9 Constraints (Ch 14, supplementary chapter)
#10 Control in Prolog. Negation in Logic Programming
Handouts: [control], [negation].
#11 Negation. Extras. Summary.

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