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TDDD08 Logic Programming (6 ECTS)

Ht1 2013

Supplementary material

Latest News...

2016‑10‑28  Last exam

added to the "old exams" available.

2016‑10‑19  A summary of list notation

posted at the Lectures page (Lecture 5 on Prolog).

2016‑10‑05  Tutorial 5 solutions found here.

2016‑10‑04  Search and DCG

For the search code presented at a tutorial, see the link from the tutorial web page.
For a DCG example, see this text.

2016‑09‑01  Do not miss classroom changes

as announced at se.timeedit.net (and linked from these pages). In particular, the Friday lecture will be held in A24.

2016‑08‑21  Welcome to the course

The content of the course will be similar to that in the previous two years. Expect only minor changes.

2016‑08‑16  Hints for the exam

Anyone looking at the old exams should notice that (since January) there is a note about common errors/difficulties with the exam problems

2015‑10‑21  A dictionary at the exam

English dictionary was added to the help materials allowed at an exam.

2015‑10‑10  Text on negation

A link added at "Course Information" to an introductory text on negation in LP. (See "Additional ... reading".)

2015‑10‑08  SWI-Prolog

We posted a recipe how to force SWI-Prolog to accept the stadard syntax here ("Public domain Prolog systems" link at the lab page). Please let us know whether it works.

2015‑08‑28  Welcome to the course

In 2015 the contents of the course will be basically unchanged. Expect modifications in handouts, slides etc., and possibly in lab problems. Changes in the subjects of consecutive lectures are possible.

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