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TDDD08 Logic Programming (6 ECTS)

Ht1 2013

Supplementary material

Latest News...

2014‑09‑13  Schedule change.

As announced by e-mail, there is no tutorial on Monday 15/9, after the lecture.

2014‑08‑31  Schedule changes.

The changes for week 37 have already been announced. The lectures from week 37 are planned to be moved to Tuesdays of weeks 38 and 39, at 8-10.

2014‑08‑23  Expect schedule changes.

Due to my (W.D.) conference participation and absence during week 37, the two lectures of 2014-09-08 and 09-12 will be re-scheduled.

2014‑08‑19  Welcome to the course

In 2014 the contents of the course will be basically unchanged. Expect however some changes in subjects of consecutive lectures. Expect modifications in handouts, slides etc.

2013‑12‑27  Example solutions

Due to some technical problems I could not update the example solutions until now. They are still intended to grow. Please let me know if you see anything unclear or suspicious.

2013‑12‑17  Example solutions

An example solution of an exam problem posted here. Intended to grow during the next days.

2013‑11‑05  Last exam posted here.

2013‑10‑22  Help materials

Rules about help materials at the exams are posted.

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