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TDDD04 Software Testing (6 ECTS)

Vt2 2015

Software Testing

Tag cloud (created by Wordle) of Wikipedia's page on software testing:

Latest News...

March 25, 2015  Slides from lecture 1 online

The slides from lecture 1 are now online. There is some material on

March 24, 2015  Revised instruction for lab 3

According to the information during the first lecture, there will be an option to work on your own project in lab 3 if you can describe that this fulfills the general requirements for the lab. The instructions have been updated to reflect this.

March 23, 2015  Revised instruction for lab 1, part C

Lab 1C will use a new, course-specific edition of the Java IDE Eclipse this year, and the lab instructions have been revised to reflect this.

March 19, 2015  New edition of the course

Welcome to the 2015 edition of TDDD04: Software Testing! The course information has been updated to reflect changes to this year, the most important of which is a lab assignment on using a state-of-the-art software analysis framework called JPF, that has several uses for software testing. I am also very pleased to announce that the course features invited speakers from LiU, Ericsson, Spotify and Sectra this year, and their lectures form an integral part of the course.
I very much look forward to meeting you all next week!

December 1, 2014  Course being revised for next year

The course is currently being revised for the new edition in 2015.

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