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TDDD04 Software Testing (6 ECTS)

Vt2 2014

Software Testing

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Latest News...

September 16, 2014  Exam results August

The results from the exam in August have now been graded, and you are supposed to receive results no later than tomorrow, those of you who took the exam.

2014‑06‑23  Exam solutions posted

Suggested solutions for the exam on June 3rd have now been posted on the exam page.

2014‑05‑07  Lectures slides on Integration testing and Load testing (by ESN) posted

The sixth and seventh lectures' material has now been posted on the lecture page.

2014‑03‑31  Guest lecture from Sectra

The fifth lecture in the course, on Agile Testing, will be given by Johan Ã…tting from Sectra. The schedule for the course in TimeEdit has been updated accordingly.

2014‑03‑31  Second lecture online

The slides from the second lecture are now posted on the lecture page.

2014‑03‑24  First lecture online and timetable link

The slides from the first lecture are now posted on the lecture page, and the timetable has been updated with a reference to the TimeEdit schedule.

2014‑03‑03  TDDD04 Guest lecturers

The TDDD04 Software Testing Course will feature at least two guest lecturers this Spring, from Spotify and ESN, an EA Games Studio. Looking forward to meeting you all in a few weeks!

2014‑01‑15  TDDD04 Course Webpage Update

The TDDD04 Software Testing Course Webpage is preparing for the new term. Please check this website regularly for the latest updates

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