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TDDB68: Concurrent Programming and Operating Systems


Webbschema / Schedule

LiTH Webbschema for TDDB68 VT1/2015 (as available on the schemaserver)

Please watch also the course message board for recent changes.

Remarks on the schedule

The first lecture VT2015 will be on monday 19 january 2015 at 08:15-10:00 in lecture hall Visionen (B-house, entry 27, opposite Cafe Java).

Due to scheduling constraints, all lab sessions are given in parallel for all students in the course. You simply attend those lab hours that are supervised by "your" assistant.

For the first Lab-0 session (tuesday 20 jan 2015 15:15 for groups A, C, D; thursday 22/1 17:15 for group B), supervision will be given by all assistants. If you have not yet signed up for a lab group in webreg at that time, join any group where there are free seats left. For getting passed on Lab-0 you need to be registered in webreg and demonstrate your solution to your lab group's assistant.

See the webbschema above to find out the scheduled lab rooms for your group.

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