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TDDB68: Concurrent Programming, Operating Systems,
and Real-Time Operating Sy stems

Staff VT 2015

When communicating via email...
  • ... please do always include the course code (TDDB68) in the subject line of the email!
    Please note that most of us are involved in 2 or 3 other, similar courses with similar names.

  • ... please send technical and organisational questions regarding lessons and labs directly to your assistant.

Questions about late course registration should be sent directly or via the IDA student expedition to the area manager (studierektor) for this course, Tommy Färnqvist, who decides about admission. The necessary form can be found here, it needs to be signed by Tommy Färnqvist.

Course leader, lecturer, examiner:
christoph.kessler \at liu. se
Course secretary (Ladok reporting):
carita.lilja \at liu. se
Lab assistant (Group A: D2a), Lectures 1 and 2, Lessons, Course assistant:
erik.hansson \at liu. se
Lab assistant (Group B, D2b):
nicolas.melot \at liu. se
Lab assistant (Group C: U2):
simon.stahlberg \at liu. se
Lab assistant (Group D: D2, CS, DAV, MMAT, other):
zeinab.ganjei \at liu. se

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Last updated: 2015-01-05