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TDDB68 Concurrent programming and Operating Systems (6 ECTS)

VT1 2015

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9/11/2015  Former TDDB68 students with remaining lab(s)?

In the coming instance of TDDB68 starting on jan 18, 2016, there will be a special lab group (group E) scheduled at evening times during vt1, that also former TDDB68 students can join to finish their labs and get examined. Please re-register for the course vt1/2016, and also sign up for lab group E in Webreg in the first week (v3).

23/6/2015  Migrating Pintos labs from Solaris to Linux

IDA has now retired Solaris. Those of you who used Solaris for Pintos labs and still are not finished with the labs need to migrate your existing lab files to Linux.
The simplest way is probably to download a fresh Pintos for Linux from the lab page and then copy over the source files you modified when using Solaris, of course removing the corresponding files that already exist in Linux-Pintos.

27/4/2015  Final deadline for former TDDB68/TDDB72 students

Students who started before 2007 and need to finish the labs before summer need to demonstrate and submit before 12 june 2015 so that we can correct and report the result before the summer break.

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