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TDDB68 Concurrent programming and Operating Systems (6 ECTS)

VT1 2017

Latest News...

2017‑04‑25  Lab demonstration

The next opportunity to demonstrate labs will be during the re-take period in June. You need to send an email no later later than 2017-05-24 to be able to demonstrate. See the lab pages for details.

2017‑04‑04  Exam review

The exam review session will take place on Tuesday 25 April at 12.30 in room Donald Knuth (B building, entrance 29, B cooridor, level 3).

2017‑03‑12  Memory lecture

The video lecture on memory management is now available on the lecture and lesson page.

2017‑02‑15  Updated lab submission instructions

The lab web page now contains the same information on how to submit the code to the assistants as was given in an email.

2016‑12‑16  New examiner

Mikael Asplund will take over as the examiner in 2017. The web pages are currently being updated.

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