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Courses for Technical Faculty ordered by course code

The list include courses given autumn semester 2017 until autumn semester 2018. For more information about a course, click the course code.

725G90Object Oriented Programming in Java, 7.5 credits (G2)
NDAB02Statistics; Theory and Application in Biology, 6 credits (G1)
TDAB01Probability and Statistics, 6 credits (G)
TDDA69Data and Program Structures, 6 credits (G2)
TDDB44Compiler Construction, 6 credits
TDDB68Concurrent Programming and Operating Systems, 6 credits (G2)
TDDB84Design Patterns, 6 credits
TDDC17Artificial Intelligence, 6 credits (G2)
TDDC61On-line Production, 6 credits (G1)
TDDC63Interactive Form, 6 credits (G1)
TDDC66Computer Systems and Programming, 4 credits (G2)
TDDC73Interaction programming, 6 credits (G2)
TDDC74Programming: Abstraction and Modelling, 8 credits (G1)
TDDC75Discrete Structures, 8 credits (G1)
TDDC76Programming and Data Structures, 8 credits (G2)
TDDC77Object oriented programming, 8 credits (G1)
TDDC78Programming of Parallel Computers - Methods and Tools, 6 credits
TDDC88Software Engineering, 12 credits
TDDC90Software Security, 6 credits (A)
TDDC91Data Structures and Algorithms, 6 credits (G1)
TDDC93Software Engineering Theory, 4 credits (G2)
TDDC97Programming, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD04Software Testing, 6 credits (A)
TDDD05Component Based Software, 6 credits (A)
TDDD07Real Time Systems, 6 credits (A)
TDDD08Logic Programming, 6 credits (A)
TDDD10AI Programming, 6 credits (A)
TDDD11Introduction to Programming, 8 credits (G1)
TDDD12Database Technology, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD13Interaction programming, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD14Formal Languages and Automata Theory, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD17Information Security, Second Course, 6 credits (A)
TDDD20Design and Analysis of Algorithms, 6 credits (A)
TDDD23Design and Programming of Computer Games, 6 credits (A)
TDDD25Distributed Systems, 6 credits (A)
TDDD27Advanced Web Programming, 6 credits (A)
TDDD29IT-Project Management, 6 credits (A)
TDDD30Advanced Software Engineering, 6 credits (A)
TDDD33Programming, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD35System Usability Issues, 6 credits (G1)
TDDD37Database Technology, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD38Advanced Programming in C++, 6 credits (A)
TDDD39Perspectives on Information Technology, 8 credits (G1)
TDDD41Data Mining - Clustering and Association Analysis, 6 credits (A)
TDDD43Advanced Data Models and Databases, 6 credits (A)
TDDD44Programming with applications in engineering, 6 credits (G1)
TDDD46Database Technology, 8 credits (G2)
TDDD48Automated Planning, 6 credits (A)
TDDD49Programming in C# and .NET Framework, 4 credits (A)
TDDD50Green Computing, 4 credits (G2)
TDDD51Service Design and Innovation, 6 credits (A)
TDDD53Advanced Interaction Design, 6 credits (A)
TDDD55Compilers and Interpreters, 4 credits (G2)
TDDD56Multicore and GPU Programming, 6 credits (A)
TDDD57Physical interaction and game programming, 6 credits (A)
TDDD58Interaction design project, 12 credits (G)
TDDD60Interactive Systems, 4 credits (G1)
TDDD61Design - Strategy and Management, 6 credits (A)
TDDD62Internship, 18 credits (A)
TDDD63Perspectives to Computer Technology, 7 credits (G)
TDDD65Introduction to the Theory of Computation, 6 credits
TDDD66Mobile Networks, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD69Software Engineering - Company Project, 6 credits (A)
TDDD70Professionalism for Engineers, part 1, 1 credits (G1)
TDDD71Data Structures and Algorithms, 2 credits (G2)
TDDD72Logic, 6 credits (G1)
TDDD73Functional and Imperative Programming in Python, 6 credits (G1)
TDDD74Databases for Bioinformatics, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD75Effects-Driven Development and Human-Centred Design of Interactive Systems, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD76Software Engineering Project, 8 credits (G2)
TDDD78Object Oriented Programming and Java, 6 credits (G1)
TDDD80Project: Mobile and Social Applications, 11 credits (G1)
TDDD81Database Technology, 6 credits (G2)
TDDD82Project Semester including Bachelor Thesis Project: Secure, Mobile Systems, 30 credits (G2)
TDDD83Computer Engineering - Bachelor Project, 18 credits (G2)
TDDD84Professionalism for Engineers, part 3, 1 credits (G1)
TDDD85Formal Languages and Automata Theory, 6 credits (G1)
TDDD86Data Structures, Algorithms and Programming Paradigms, 11 credits (G1)
TDDD87Programming and Problem Solving, 6 credits (G1)
TDDD88Logic, 5 credits (G1)
TDDD89Scientific Method, 6 credits (A)
TDDD90Interactiv Products, 6 credits (A)
TDDD91Professionalism for Engineers, part 5, 1 credits (G1)
TDDD92Artificial Intelligence - Project, 5 credits (G2)
TDDD94Professionalism for Engineers, part 4, 1 credits (G1)
TDDD95Algorithmic Problem Solving, 6 credits
TDDD96Software Engineering - Bachelor Project, 15 credits (G2)
TDDD97Web Programming, 6 credits (G2)
TDDE01Machine Learning, 6 credits (A)
TDDE02Software Entrepreneurship, 6 credits
TDDE03Design Studio II, 12 credits
TDDE04Introduction till Programming and Computational Thinking, 6 credits (G1)
TDDE05AI Robotics, 6 credits
TDDE06Large-Scale Software Development: Structures and Processes, 6 credits (A)
TDDE07Bayesian Learning, 6 credits (A)
TDDE09Natural Language Processing, 6 credits (A)
TDDE10Object Oriented Programming in Java, 6 credits (G2)
TDDE11Object Oriented Programming in Java, 4 credits (G2)
TDDE13Multiagent Systems, 6 credits
TDDE14Large-Scale Software Development: Contributions and Evolution, 6 credits
TDDE15Advanced Machine Learning, 6 credits (A)
TDDE16Text Mining, 6 credits (A)
TDDE17Introduction to Language Technology, 4 credits (G2)
TDDE18Programming C++, 6 credits (G2)
TDDE19Advanced Project Course - AI and Machine Learning, 6 credits
TDDE20Advanced Project Course - Game, App and Web Development, 6 credits (A)
TDDE21Advanced Project Course - Secure Distributed and Embedded Sys, 6 credits
TDDE22Data Structures and Algorithms, 6 credits
TDDE23Functional and Imperative Programming, Part 1, 6 credits (G1)
TDDE24Functional and Imperative Programming, part 2, 5 credits (G1)
TDDE25Perspectives to Computer and Software Technology, 6 credits (G1)
TDDE28Contemporary Perspective on Value Creation, 6 credits (A)
TDDE29Codesign, Tools and Approaches, 6 credits (A)
TDDE30Object Oriented Programming and Java, 7 credits (G1)
TDDE31Big Data Analytics, 6 credits (A)
TDDE33User Driven Product Development, 6 credits (G)
TDDE35Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Networks, 11 credits (G1)
TDDE36User Experience and Interaction Design, 12 credits (G2)
TDDE38Thinking with representations, 6 credits (A)
TDDE39Physical Interaction Design and Prototyping, 6 credits (A)
TDDI02Program Development Project, 6 credits (G1)
TDDI03Advanced Computer Architecture, 4 credits (G2)
TDDI07Distributed embedded software and networks, 4 credits (G2)
TDDI08Embedded Systems Design, 4 credits (G2)
TDDI11Embedded Software, 6 credits (G2)
TDDI16Data Structures and Algorithms, 6 credits (G1)
TDDI41Introduction to System Installation, 8 credits (G1)
TDDI82Object Oriented Problem Solving, 10 credits (G1)
TDIU08Problem Solving and Programming, 6 credits (G1)
TDIU11Operating Systems, 6 credits (G2)
TDIU14Introduction to Bachelor Thesis, 4 credits (G2)
TDIU16Concurrent and Operating Systems Programming, 4 credits (G2)
TDIU20Object Oriented Programming, 4 credits (G1)
TDP001Management of Computer Environment, 4 credits (G1)
TDP002Imperative Programming, 6 credits (G1)
TDP003Project: Personal Computer Environment, 6 credits (G1)
TDP004Object Oriented Programming, 8 credits (G1)
TDP005Project: Object Oriented System, 6 credits (G1)
TDP007Computer Language Construction, 6 credits (G1)
TDP013Web Programming and Interactivity, 6 credits (G1)
TDP015Mathematics, 6 credits (G1)
TDP017Company Project, 10 credits (G2)
TDP019Project: Computer Language, 10 credits (G1)
TDP022Interactive systems, 6 credits (G2)
TDP024Enterprise Systems, 6 credits (G2)
TDP026Scientific Method in Programming, 6 credits (G2)
TDP028Project: Entrepreneurial Programming, 10 credits (G2)
TDP029Project: Agile System Development, 8 credits (G)
TDP030Language Technology, 6 credits (G2)
TDTS04Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, 8 credits (G2)
TDTS06Computer Networks, 6 credits (G2)
TDTS07System Design and Methodology, 6 credits
TDTS08Advanced Computer Architecture, 6 credits
TDTS10Computer Architecture, 6 credits (G1)
TDTS11Computer Networks and Internet Protocols, 6 credits (G1)
TDTS21Advanced Networking, 6 credits (A)
TQPR10Degree project - Bachelor's Thesis, 16 credits (G2)

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