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Courses for Faculty of Arts and Sciences ordered by course name

The list include courses given autumn semester 2017 until autumn semester 2018. For more information about a course, click the course code.

732A60Advanced Academic Studies,  credits (A)
729A64Advanced Course in Cognitive Science, 10 credits (A)
732A75Advanced Data Mining, 6 credits (A)
729A88Advanced Interaction Design, 6 credits (A)
732A96Advanced Machine Learning, 6 credits (A)
732A94Advanced Programming in R, 6 credits (A)
729G19Applied Cognitive Science, 12 credits (G)
729G43Artificial Intelligence, 12 credits (G2)
729G40Bachelor's Thesis, 18 credits (G2)
732A91Bayesian Learning, 6 credits (A)
732G43Bayesian Statistics,  credits (G)
729A71Behaviour in Complex Systems, 6 credits (A)
732A54Big Data Analytics,  credits (A)
729G41Capstone Course in Undergraduate Cognitive Science, 6 credits (G2)
729A78Cognitive Aspects of Learning and Design of Educational Technology, 7 credits (A)
729G15Cognitive Modelling, 6 credits (G)
729A64Cognitive Science - Individual In-Depth Studies, 10 credits (A)
729A94Cognitive Science - Methods, 6 credits (A)
729A67Cognitive Science Methods - Individual In-Depth Studies, 6 credits (A)
769A01Cognitive Science Project I, 12 credits (A)
729A46Cognitive Science Project, 16 credits (A)
769A02Cognitive Science Projekt II, 12 credits (A)
732A90Computational statistics, 6 credits (A)
729A70Current Cognitive Science Reseach II, 5 credits (A)
729A69Current Cognitive Science Research I, 5 credits (A)
725G97Data Structures and Algorithms, 7.5 credits
732G12Data-Mining, 7.5 credits (G)
732A57Database Technology,  credits (G2)
732G16Databases: Design and Programming, 7.5 credits (G2)
732A66Decision theory, 6 credits (A)
729G12Distributed and Situated Cognition, 6 credits (G)
732G30Grunder i statistisk metodik, 15 credits (G)
732G01Grundläggande statistik, grundkurs, 7.5 credits (G)
768A01Interaction Design: Studio, 12 credits (A)
729G22Interaction Design, 6 credits (G)
729G26Interaction Programming, 6 credits (G2)
729G44Interface Design, 6 credits (G2)
729A10Introduction to Cognitive Science, 6 credits (A)
729G01Introduction to Cognitive Science, 6 credits (G)
729G74Introduction to IT and programming, 6 credits (G1)
732A95Introduction to Machine Learning, 9 credits (A)
732A74Introduction to Python, 3 credits (A)
732G17Introduction to SAS Programming, 7.5 credits (G)
732G40Introductory Statistics,  credits (G)
729G21Joint Cognitive Systems, 6 credits (G2)
732G32Kandidatuppsats i Statistik, fördjupningskurs, 15 credits (G)
729G17Language Technology, 6 credits (G)
732A99Machine Learning, 9 credits (A)
729A80Master's Thesis in Cognitive Science (30 ECTS), 30 credits (A)
732A64Master's Thesis, 30 credits (A)
732G41Multiple Regression and Time Series Analysis, 7.5 credits (G)
732G08Multivariate Methods, 7.5 credits (G)
732A97Multivariate Statistical Methods, 6 credits (A)
729A27Natural Language Processing, 6 credits (A)
732G44Official Statistics and Data Ethics,  credits (G)
732A63Probability Theory, 6 credits (A)
725G83Problem Solving and Programming, 6 credits (G)
725G92Problem Solving and Programming, 7.5 credits (G)
TDDD99Professionalism for Engineers, parts 1 to 6,  credits (G1)
729G75Programming and Computational Thinking, 6 credits (G2)
725G66Programming in C# and .NET Framework, 4 credits (G2)
726G77Programming in C++, 6 credits (G2)
732G33Programming in R, 7.5 credits (G)
729G76Project Management in Human-Technology Interaction, 6 credits (G2)
732G05Regressions- och tidsserieanalys, 7.5 credits (G)
768A03Research Methods in Design, 6 credits (A)
732A76Research Project, 6 credits (A)
729A98Risk and Accident Analysis, 6 credits (A)
732G21Sambandsmodeller, 15 credits (G)
768A05Service Design and Innovation, 6 credits (A)
768A04Service Design, Studio, 12 credits (A)
729A63Simulators and Simulator Usage, 6 credits (A)
725G64Software Engineering, 12 credits (A)
729G09Språkvetenskaplig databehandling (Sv), 5 credits (G)
732G34Statistical Analysis of Complex Data, 7.5 credits (G)
732A93Statistical Methods, 6 credits (A)
732G39Statistics Project, 7.5 credits (G)
732G81Statistics, 11 credits (G)
732G70Statistik A, 7 credits (G)
732G71Statistik B, 8 credits (G)
732G20Statistisk teori I, 7.5 credits (G)
732G38Survey Methods, 7.5 credits (G)
732G04Surveymetodik, 7.5 credits (G)
732A92Text Mining, 6 credits (A)
768A07Thesis, 30 credits (A)
769A03Thinking with Representations, 6 credits (A)
732A62Time Series Analysis, 6 credits (A)
729A99Usability Testing, 6 credits (A)
732G31Visuell dataanalys, 6 credits (G)
729G28Web Programming and Databases, 6 credits (G2)

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