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News 2018

Honoring ceremony for the Head of the Department

IDA's departing head of the department, Professor Mariam Kamkar, was honored at a ceremony held during the institution's Christmas dinner. Mariam took office in 2000, and by the end of 2017/2018 she will have been prefect for 18 years, more than half the time that IDA has existed. In 2008, she was the inaugural recipient of the University Leadership Prize.

The farewell ceremony included speeches by Sweden’s first computer science professor, Erik Sandewall, LiTH's Dean, Ulf Nilsson, and incoming prefect, Henrik Eriksson. The speakers highlighted Mariam's wise leadership, her commitment to gender equality, and the enthusiasm she brought to the role of department head. They spoke warmly of her forthright interpersonal style, her conflict resolution skills, and her emphasis on the importance of all new international employees learning Swedish. Gifts from IDA staff were presented during the ceremony, along with thanks for Mariam’s many years of work developing the department and university.

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