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TDTS08 Advanced Computer Architecture (2022)

Course information


The aim of the course is to present how modern computer systems work and are built. The students should learn the advanced concepts and principle of computer architecture and organization, as well as methods developed in order to improve the performance of current microprocessors and parallel systems. The students, when finishing the course, should be able to analyze a computer to extract its basic architectural features, and understand how its components work together to accomplish the computation tasks efficiently.


  • TSEA19/20 (Computer Hardware and Architecture)

Course organization

The course is organized as a set of lectures and labs.

Course content

Cache organization, memory management and hierarchy, pipelining techniques, branch prediction, RISC architectures, VLIW architectures and specific compiling techniques, superscalar architectures, out of order execution, parallel architectures and multiprocessors, SIMD and MIMD architectures, cache coherence in parallel computers, graphics processing units, and low-power architectures.

Course syllabus

Please, see LiU Study Guide.

Course literature


  • Written examination, 4 ECTS.

  • Laboratory work, 2 ECTS.


This course is given in English

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