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TDDE47 Concurrent programming and Operating Systems

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2020‑08‑11  August demonstrations

If you want to demonstrate your solutions to the lab series in august, sign up here. You will then be contacted to arrange a date. Deadline to sign up: August 25.

2020‑06‑09  Exam part C

Part C of the exam is now available.

2020‑06‑02  Update on remote exam guidlines for June and August

The basic strucuture of the retake exam in June and August will be the same as the exam in March with some minor adjustments, see the examination page.

2020‑05‑27  June demonstrations

If you want to demonstrate your solutions to the lab series, sign up here. Deadline to sign up: June 4.

2020‑03‑27  Exam part C

Part C of the exam is now available.

2020‑03‑26  Update on timings for tomorrow's exam

The exact timings for the exam has been set, see the examination page.

2020‑03‑24  Format of the remote exam and final lab demonstration

The format for the digital exam has now been decided, see the examination page. The planned demonstration session on March 30 will be performed remotely. Contact your lab assistant to agree on an exact time and method.

2020‑03‑19  Digital Examination

There will be some kind of digital examination on the same date as the exam was scheduled (March 27). The exact form of the exam is not yet decided but LISAM will be used in some way. For this reason it is important that you have access the LISAM instance for this course if you want to do the exam. For more details see the examination page.

2020‑03‑17  Examination

There will be no written (physical) exam. The remaining alternatives are to postpone the examination until a later date or perform the examination using other means. I am currently working on the second option with the clear ambition of having a digital/remote version of the exam.

2020‑03‑16  Update nr 2

A new decision has been made at LiU that has an impact on the exam. However, it is not yet clear what this means for TDDB68 and TDDE47. The exam is not of a nature that can be easily done as a home exam. More information will follow.

2020‑03‑16  Update on the written exam

According to this information page the written exam will be held as normal. Details on the format on the written exam and the two parts is now also provided on the examination page.

2020‑03‑12  New lab session

A new lab session will be sheduled on Friday 13/3 13-15 in rooms SU1516 and SU1718. Also there is a last chance to demonstrate your solutions on Monday March 30, see the course schedule.

2020‑03‑07  Running Pintos on your own machine

For those who would like to run Pintos on your own machine I've put together some instructions here. Feedback is welcome in case there are things not working/is unclear.

2020‑02‑12  Lesson slides and test files for lab 3 and 4.

The lesson slides for lesson 2 are now available on the lectures and lessons page. Also there are test files available for labs 3 and 4 in the git repo for the pintos labs. You can access them directly from here, here, and here.

2020‑02‑06  Labs and lesson

All lab instructions are now available. Also note that the third lab preparation lesson has been moved to February 27.

2020‑01‑14  Web pages

The web pages are currently being updated for VT1 2020.

2018‑05‑16  Lab demonstrations

The following times have been set for demonstrations in June and August:

  • 2019-06-11 13.15-15.00
  • 2019-08-23 13.15-15.00
  • 2019-08-29 08.15-10.00
In order for us to plan the demonstrations, please sign up to the demonstration session at least one day ahead of the occasion using this Lisam link

2019‑02‑28  Test files for labs 3 and 4

There are now test files for labs 3 and 4 available. Copy these files to the examples directory and modify the Makefile as needed.

2019‑02‑26  On passing the lab deadline

Please note that the last lab is on March 12. Therefore you should aim to demonstrate your solution this date. If you hand on your code on the 12th for the last lab, you will also get at least one opportunity to correct the code and still make the final deadline on March 15.

2019‑01‑10  Labs available

The web pages should be in order. If there are any problems, please notify Mikael. The pdf files for lab0 and lab1 are now available. The remaining documents will be made availble before the start of each lab. In the mean time, the old lab instructions are also available.

2019‑01‑10  Web pages

The web pages are currently being updated for VT1 2019.

2018‑09‑11  Exam review

Exam review for the June and August exams will take place on September 21 at 12.15 in room Donald Knuth.

2018‑06‑26  Lab demonstrations

The August demonstratation session will take place during week 34. Contact Felipe Boeira (felipe.boeira@liu.se) to agree on a time and place. The next opportunity to demonstrate will be in connection to the next course instance in VT1 2019.

2018‑05‑23  Lab demonstrations

To demonstrate your labs for the June demonstratation session, there are two options. Either Contact Felipe Boeira (felipe.boeira@liu.se) to demonstrate before May 31, or contact Arian Maghazeh (arian.maghazeh@liu.se) to demonstrate during week 23.

2018‑01‑12  Welcome!

Welcome to the 2018 instance of the course. The first lecture will take place on Monday January 15 at 10.15.

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